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About Us

At Nanohana Lodge, we always tend to reduce the impact our daily operations may have on the environment. We do not make promises we cannot keep, but we know that every single step taken in the right direction will help us eventually reach our target.

Nanohana Lodge is bequeathed to Kul Bahadur Acharya by his father, who started a lodge in central lakeside some 27 years ago under the name of New Star Lodge. For Kul Bahadur delivering quality services stands above all considerations. He also understands the importance of following sustainable practices, in words as well as in deeds, in the operation of such facilities. Host at Nanohana Lodge, Pokhara, NepalKnowing that whatever resources seem abundant today will not remain as such forever, and moved by the rising scarcity of water in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal, he is committed to minimise its use.

"The ruthless exploitation of the existing resources and a disregard of our cultural values for the sake of immediate benefits only drive us towards long term harms," he shares his concerns about rising crowds and careless spate of constructions underway in the lakeside. So he shifted from central Lakeside to found Nanohana Lodge just opposite to his own residence, where he has paid every concern to co-exist with the natural surroundings.

"You do not have to be a rocket scientist to find workable solutions for every single problem. Common sense is all you need," he often says. And common sense is his greatest strength, it seems. Although most of his fellow hoteliers went for costlier flush systems in their toilets, he simply resolved to use discarded mineral water bottles wisely, to save two litres of water per flush cycle. Amazingly, it works, and without compromising the main purpose -- keeping the toilets clean.

Nothing can encourage us better than your cooperation plus any new ideas you can share with us about sustainabile tourism. So, feel free to contact us and have your say without any kind of hesitation.